Hull YFC
Prayer Requests

July 2019

Hull YFC works in the Boulevard area of West Hull with links to other ministries across the city. Please support our work through prayer to see changes in the lives of young people and their families who face many challenging circumstances.

Please pray for:

Our AGM on Tuesday 2nd.

That all our Breakfast Club families will have a safe but fun day on our family beach trip (13th)

All the children who we are taking to camp on the 27th.

Chiltern Primary School who have recently suffered a spate of burglaries, putting further strain on its limited resources.

All of our children as they come to the end of the year and prepare to move to different classes or schools. Also for our end of year assemblies on this theme (8th and 10th).

Please give thanks for:

Ian and Iona, Ellie and Stuart moving in to the community in the first week of this month.

Lee Norfolk’s Wedding to Jodie. Lee grew up going to our activities and his faith grew particularly through his experiences on the Bolivia mission trips.

For our visit to Stoke last month to visit the Urban Expression team living there. It was really encouraging to spend time with a group of people trying to live out the gospel and respond to the needs of a very similarly challenging community.

Prayer Focus

Each month we will endeavour to share a bit more detail about a young person or adult that we are supporting and ask you to pray for them as much as possible throughout the month.

2 years ago, Emma Crick (Former trustee) helped bring together a book called An Untold Story. It shared the life stories of several Hull women, including the significant shared experience of working in street prostitution. Some of the women who contributed to the book regularly attend Orts. Cassie who was very involved with the book and a much loved member of Orts sadly died last week. Please pray for Cassie’s friends and family and particularly those at Orts who loved her a great deal. Out of the 12 women who contributed to the book, 4 women have already died. Please pray for those who are trapped in lives of addiction and prostitution in our community.

Thank you so much for your prayer support, it is such an encouragement to us and so vital for the work that we do here.

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