Hull Youth For Christ

Recycling Aluminium

Careful stewardship of God's creation has always been part of Hull YFC's ethos, in keeping with a holistic expression of the gospel. In recent years our commitment to this has taken on a whole new dimension - collecting aluminium drinks cans to help young people raise money to go on our summer camps. We have built up a relationship with the local scrap yard who give us a few extra pence a Kilo above the going rate; this makes a huge difference as you are only looking at between 1.5p and 2p a can.

The cans are collected from various sources including streets, friends, parents and our main supplier, Hull Fair. The fair is famed for being the largest in Europe and during its week long stay tons of rubbish is generated including a huge quantity of aluminium cans. Our average collection for the week is approximately 7,000 cans (one year we collected nearly 9,000). It involves a 5am start to beat the council rubbish trucks, but as well as saving the planet it makes for good youth work.

Another good source of aluminium is old bicycle wheel rims which we have donated by a couple of local cycle shops. Over the last few years this has raised around £1,600 - enough to send two young people on a mission trip to Bolivia to work with street children.

If you think you can persuade your local cycle shop to support this scheme, or better still if you would like to volunteer to collect rims from a cycle shop and drop them off to us on the Boulevard, we would love to hear from you! Equally, any volunteers for can collecting during Hull Fair week are always welcome.

Click on the link below to see a Hull Daily Mail article on Hull YFC's recycling efforts -

'Can-do attitude will take us far' (pdf)

Recycling Printer Cartridges

You can now also raise money for Hull YFC by recycling your used printer ink cartridges. We have teamed up with Wise Fundraising who have agreed to give us 20% of the value of every cartridge we send them. All you need to do is click on the flashing logo and send off for the postage-paid envelopes, then send in your used cartridges.

Recycle to support Hull YFC