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Springing Up

With CMS exploring the purchase of St. Matthew’s Vicarage on the Boulevard for our use in mission in and with the community inside and outside its walls, this Spring feels particularly hope-full. One of the residents, Martin, put it like this:

Something’s happening on the Boulevard.
Pops is up to something.
We know it’s him, ‘cos like when the Springtime comes along and things start to grow and flourish, bringing colour and joy and relief, it’s almost effortless, like we aren’t really doing anything ourselves, we’re just getting up and getting on and it’s just sprouting up all around us.
And it’s beautiful.
Yeah, it’s Pops all right.

He’s on a mission, Pops.
Through the seeds he’d planted long ago, and the people he’d left in charge of tending the garden, through the fruit of his spirit, they’ve persevered, stood, endured, watched, watered and weeded, and now that their roots have become nourished deep in the earth, it’s growing.

Something’s happening in the old vicarage.
New gardeners have come, old ones have been re-inspired.
A community of intentional living is starting to sprout.
It went quiet for a while.
The birdsong.
But now the sound is back and it’s such sweet music to the ears.
Like that birdsong, it’s diverse; many breeds and backgrounds all flocking together under Pop’s feather, fed from the fruits of a well nourished soil.

He’s got big plans, Pops.
He’s using the old vicarage as a beacon, and expanding his garden here.
He’s branching out, showing the Boulevard that there is hope in community.
He’s encouraging the sharing of possessions, the breaking of bread, the making of music, the molding of character and the shaping of mission.

No matter how long the dark night, the sun always comes up, and no matter how bleak the winter, the Springtime always follows....

Martin King