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Back to School

Having spent years looking forward to leaving school, it is crazy to find myself back in a classroom voluntarily - and enjoying it!

Since Hull YFC began, team members have been supporting local schools through assemblies, mentoring, reading and classroom work. Recently I have started to join others in the team supporting Chiltern Primary School, where most of our breakfast club kids go.

We (Hull YFC) support schools for a few reasons but the most important reason to me is to build relationships with people. By going into the classrooms we get to see the children on a regular basis, supporting them in their school life too and building that trust they have with us.

As well as building relationships, the school itself forms an important part of the community; if it does well, the community benefits. So we want it to do well and do what we can for it to do so.

I help out in a Year 2 class, helping the children with whatever task their teacher has set. The kids got used to me and took a liking to me pretty quickly I think and it wasn't long before they started making jokes with me about my small ears or how I dress like a member of One Direction, etc! I like to think it's a sign that I'm building good relationships. (the banter, not the ear size or dress sense! Ed.)

I'm really enjoying the work at Chiltern and I pray it will be a long term thing for me. I think it's amazing that the school invites us to go in, it just shows the respect they have for what we do.

John Paul