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Timeless love ... on a '50s theme

Saturday 28th March saw me donning twirly skirt, net petticoat, ankle socks and heels before heading to the Boulevard Baptist Church to join with Hull YFC as they prepared to celebrate the mums in their community.

From the moment I walked through the door I found myself transported back to the '50s, with the sights, sounds and smells reminiscent of an American '50s diner. The whole church had been completely transformed and the sheer range of imagination, ingenuity and hard work was quite breathtaking. Every possible effort had been taken to make the place as beautiful and festive as possible, and the bright eyes and smiling faces of the ladies walking in showed that that effort had been well worth it.

From freshly made strawberry milkshakes to the smell and taste of popcorn, live music, fairy lights and flowers, there was a great party atmosphere and the place soon began to buzz with talk and laughter as more ladies arrived. There was so much happening - hair styling, make-up, nail painting and crafts - and that was before the smartly dressed gentlemen of the establishment brought us delicious burgers, served with a professional courtesy and attention to detail that could rival the best eating establishments.

To be able to share with the beautiful women before me that we are all created, loved, precious to and honoured by God was a real privilege. We have all made mistakes, made poor choices, mixed with dodgy company, deliberately gone our own path when we've known it was wrong. What is amazing, though, is we have a God who loves us anyway, who can heal scars and wipe out the wrongs of our past life and offer us new life in him. He sees the value he placed in us when he first created woman, and nothing we can do can change his mind about that. This is a message that is wonderful to share, as we so easily forget who we are in God's loving eyes.

It was a real joy to see the faces of young and old alike bright with delight in the celebration of how precious these ladies are. It was an absolute privilege to be invited to be part of this event, and I hope there will be further opportunities to support and be involved in other such occasions. A brilliant night had by all.

Nadine Fisher
City Life Church, Hull