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The Jam House

The Jam House was started in the summer of 2012 with the aim being to engage with young people in and around the Boulevard area of Hull through music. Every Wednesday ‘The Jam House’ is open. In this setting young people can bring their instruments, their ideas or even their aspirations and explore how music can develop confidence, skills, friendships and spirituality. I firmly believe that music is at the core of our dialogue with Jesus and my continued dream is that through mentoring, friendship and music young people are able to explore Jesus and his love for us!

Normally between 3 – 5 young people come each week with ideas, a desire to cover a song or learn a new riff, chorus or whatever! I set up the drum kit, keyboard (sometimes a piano depending on numbers) and provide a guitar amp for electric guitars. Each week is different depending on who comes but we spend time working on how to start writing, simple guitar techniques and how different guitar sounds and styles can complement each other.

I encourage whoever comes to write their own riffs, songs or melodies during the week and bring them to The Jam House. Needless to say the young people have a great time, but it can be a tad loud from time to time!

Brendan and Alex come each week without fail. Since coming to The Jam House Brendan and Alex have started working on riffs and chord progressions that we have worked on together. They have come up with a song which has been co-written by them both and a couple of other young people.

Danny is a really talented pianist. He also comes most weeks and has a flair for writing chord progressions which can be turned into songs. He really enjoys playing the older piano as it offers a different sound to a keyboard.

We showcased several songs written by Danny, Brendan and Bradley at the Wednesday youth club just before Christmas. It was great to hear them play their own music written with parts for each instrument.

Tommy Raey (Volunteer)