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Dem Bones

What a real joy to have had the privilege of working for some of my time with Hull YFC! I understand that Hull YFC would be considered a para-church organisation, but let me make it absolutely clear that whatever the wider YFC does, Hull YFC is exactly what The Church should be and do. As you know, the team here in Boulevard live and work in the locality. There is no doubt that it is an integral part of the community and is well respected and, in my opinion, rightly so.

Since coming to Hull at the end of 2010, I have had the opportunity to see something of how the team works, and also serve with them in their regular Friday Club in partnership with Boulevard Baptist Church, a few Zone 3 clubs, a couple of Mums’ Nights, a Thanksgiving service, a Harvest Feast, Christmas party, a Pancake day celebration, and the daily Breakfast Club.

In the past year and a half, I have sought to help Hull YFC develop their relationship with Boulevard Baptist Church. We had a number of meetings to explore how they might work together more closely in following a united vision. As a result of these meetings, we organised four prayer services and four all-age services. The all age services were particularly well attended in the light of Hull YFC’s good relationship with the local community, and the Girls Brigade’s wish to reintroduce parade services, which I encouraged.

The prayer services were proposed as a means of encouraging all who are interested in the continuing and developing ministry and mission of both the church and Hull YFC to seek our Lord’s Will in this matter. The overall aim is to see both parties not simply work in partnership, but rather unite as church for the sake of The Kingdom! Since last autumn, Susie who leads Godly Play and Lucy who manages The Lighthouse Project have each started running a weekly session at the church and are passionately committed to God’s future for the locality. If all the parties will determine to pray and serve together, I am sure that a corporate vision will emerge and so fulfil the prophetic dream I received during the night of 30 October 2010 based on Ezekiel 37: “These bones shall live again! I, The Lord, make all things new! There is a future and a hope here in Boulevard!”

Finally, as I leave Hull later this year, please be assured of my love and prayer always.

Lars Petersen (Baptist Missioner)