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Watered-down Church? / (in)Formal Commitment

It was a real privilege to recently be involved in Deanna's Baptism. It was a very moving occasion and so true to Youth For Christ. I have had several conversations recently about the nature of church via Hull YFC, but this said much to me about what Church is.

A lovely young lady having come to a point where she wanted to publicly express her desire to live for and with Jesus. The service in a borrowed building, in a borrowed pool, with people who worshipped in different places or nowhere on a regular Sunday and a few who profess no faith, was simple, informal and beautiful. From the awkward but amazing expression of witness Deanna gave, to the very dramatic dunking; from the lovely, "sing if you want to" songs, to the very moving act of commitment to Deanna of her God Parents, Rich and Emma, this was what Church is/ supposed to be I believe.

Here was a body of people working out their journey to and with God together. The form did not matter. The love, the sharing and the acts of commitment were a real view of what real church can and should be.

So I repeat my thanks and sense of privilege and will continue to pray for Deanna and that rich Hull Youth for Christ community.

Martyn (Exec Member)