Hull YFC
Generally Hull does not provoke positive reactions but the city has been shaped over the years by many challenging events. Firstly, unlike most cities, Hull was not established around a church, but was set up as a port for war. During the Second World War Hull suffered worse bombing than other cities in the UK but this is often overlooked. The city's industrial mainstay - fishing - has declined over the years leaving little work and broken communities. Hull is situated a distance from anywhere else so can be quite insular which leads to an inward looking mindset. It suffers from serious deprivation and ranks in the top spots for many social problems.
But it is not all bad, the city was home to Wilberforce who led the way to abolish slavery as well as being one of the founding members of Church Mission Society. Amy Johnson who flew round the world was also from Hull and it has two thriving rugby league clubs and a football team that plays in the Championship. Despite one of the lowest church attendances in the UK there are some exciting ministries and projects throughout the city and surrounding area. There is also a great degree of regeneration beginning in the city and it possesses a small but thriving cultural scene, which has given rise to such bands as The House Martins, Fine Young Cannibals and The Beautiful South.

Just don't believe all the bad press about Hull being the worst place to live.

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